Dr. Attila Ősi

Head of Department, associate professor


Research subject:

Functional morphology of Mesozoic archosaurs.

Late Cretaceous European paleobiogeography.


Research projects:

2016- ELTE Dinosaur Research Group

2016–2019 Quest for Mesozoic vertebrates in Hungary

2014- Quest for Mesozoic vertebrates in the Alp region: new localities, new fossils

2014 – Study of dental wear pattern and other feeding related characters in Mesozoic archosaurs


Contact info:

Tel: 06 1 372 2500/8003 extension

e-mail: hungaros@gmail.com

adress: 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/c, Department of Paleontology, Room: 0.214

office hours: Wednesday, 13:00-15:00




Most important publications:

Csiki-Sava Z, Buffetaut E. Ősi, A., Pereda-Suberbiola X, Brusatte SL. (2015). Island life in the Cretaceous - faunal composition, biogeography, evolution, and extinction of land-living vertebrates on the Late Cretaceous European archipelago. Zookeys. 469, 1–161.


Ősi, A., Prondvai, E., Mallon, J., Bodor, E. R. 2016. Diversity and convergences in the evolution of feeding adaptations in ankylosaurs (Dinosauria: Ornithischia). Historical Biology. 29 (4), 539-570


Ősi, A. 2014. The evolution of jaw mechanism and dental function in heterodont crocodyliforms. Historical Biology, 26, 279-414.


Ősi, A., Butler, R. & Weishampel, D. 2010. A Late Cretaceous ceratopsian dinosaur from Europe with Asian affinities. Nature 465:466-468.


Ősi, A., Pozsgai, E., Botfalvai, G., Götz, A. E., Prondvai, E., Makádi, L., Hajdu, Zs., Csengődi, D., Czirják, G., Sebe, K., Szentesi, Z. 2013. The first report of Triassic vertebrate assemblages from the Villány Hills (Southern Hungary). Central European Geology, 56/4, 297–335.