Dr. Miklós Monostori

Professor emeritus / ELTE, Faculty of Science, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Paleontological Department


Research subject:

Mesosoic-kainosoic Ostracods Research


Contact info:

e-mail: monost@caesar.elte.hu

adress: 1182 Budapest, Tarkő Str. 34/c.




Most important publications:

Monostori M. Eocene ostracods from the Dorog Basin (Northern Transdanubia, Hungary), Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 213 p.


Monostori M. Ostracod evidence of the Carnian Salinity Crisis in the Balaton Highland, Hungary, NEUES JAHRBUCH FÜR GEOLOGIE UND PALÄONTOLOGIE-ABHANDLUNGEN 193: (3) pp. 311-331.


Haas J, Lobitzer H, Monostori M. Characteristics of the Lofer ciclicity in the type locality of the Dachstein Limestone (Dachstein Plateau, Austria) FACIES 30: pp. 113-126.


Uffenorde H, Monostori M, Tóth E: The acuticosta-group (Ostracoda, Cytheroidea) in the Mid-European Eocene and Oligocene, with description of Lienenklausicythere n. gen., NEUES JAHRBUCH FÜR GEOLOGIE UND PALÄONTOLOGIE-ABHANDLUNGEN 266: (3) pp. 337-358.


Monostori M, Tóth E: Ladinian (Middle Triassic) silicified ostracod faunas from the Balaton Highland (Hungary), RIVISTA ITALIANA DI PALEONTOLOGIA E STRATIGRAFIA 119: (3) pp. 303-323.