Dr. András Galácz

Professor emeritus


Research subjects:

Systematic and stratigraphic studies of Jurassic, maiunly Middle Jurassic ammonites from Hungary and from other countries (e.g. ItalyÍ). INversitigation of the origin and paleogeogrpahic significance of characteristic Tethyan Jurassic rock sequences. Studies on Mesozoic and Cenozoic Nautiloid cephalopods.


Research projects:

Study of Bathonian and Callovian ammonites from the Villány and Bihor Mountains. Studies on ammonites of the Bathonian fissure-filling limestone in a locality of the Vértes Mts. Studies on Libyan and Hungarian Paleogene and Eocene cephalopods.


Contact info:

Tel: 06 1 372 2500 / 8628 extension

Mobil: 06 30 211 3999

e-mail: andras.galacz@gmail.com

Office hours: Hétfő, 10:00-12:00




Most important publications:

GALÁCZ, A. (1980): Bajocian and Bathonian ammonites from Gyenespuszta, Bakony Mts., Hungary. - Geol. Hung., Ser Palaeont., 39, pp.1-227. Budapest.


CALLOMON, J.H., DIETL, G., GALÁCZ, A., GRADL, H., NIEDERHÖFER, H.-J. & ZEISS, A. (1987): Zur Stratigraphie des Mittel- und unteren Oberjuras in Sengenthal bei Neumarkt/Opf (Fränkische Alb). - Stuttgarter Beitr. Naturkunde, Ser. B., 132, pp.1-53. Stuttgart.


VÖRÖS, A. & GALÁCZ, A. (1998): Jurassic palaeogeography of the Transdanubian Central Range (Hungary). - Riv. It. Pal. Strat., 104/1, pp.69-84. Milano.


GALÁCZ, A. (2012): Early perisphinctid ammonites from the early/late Bajocian boundary interval (Middle Jurassic) from Lókút, Hungary. – Geobios, 45, pp.285-295. Amsterdam.


GALÁCZ A. (2016): Morphoceratid ammonites from the Upper Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) of Monte Kumeta, western Sicily. – Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 127, pp. 210-217. London.