Bodor Emese Réka Bodor, PhD

Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Research subject:

I work on palaeobotany and palaeoenvironment reconstruction. In my theses I worked on the flora of the approx.. 200 million years old Mecsek Coal Formation (ferns and reproductive organs). My recent studies are focused on the pant remains of the aprox. 85 million years old Iharkút locality and Ajka Coal Formation.


Research projects:

PD.130627 and FK.130190 NKIH grants. The main question of the project is what kind of environment was the one that the Bakony dinosaurs and other vertebrates lived in 85 million years ago based on plant mesofossils.


Contact info:


Cím: Institute for Geological and Geochemical Research, H-1112 Budapest, 45 Budaörsi street, Hungary




Most important publications:

Barbacka M, Püspöki Z, Bodor E, Forgács Z, Hámor-Vidó M, Pacyna G, McIntosh RW. Palaeotopography related plant succession stages in a coal forming deltaic succession in early Jurassic in Hungary. PALAEOGEOGRAPHY PALAEOCLIMATOLOGY PALAEOECOLOGY 440: pp. 579-593. (2015)


Barbacka M, Bodor E, Jarzynka A, Kustatscher E, Pacyna G, Popa ME, Scanu GG, Thévenard F, Ziaja J. European Jurassic floras: Statistics and palaeoenvironmental proxies. ACTA PALAEOBOTANICA 54:(2) pp. 173-195. (2014)


Heřmanová Z, Bodor ER, Kvaček J. Knoblochia cretacea, Late Cretaceous insect eggs from Central Europe. CRETACEOUS RESEARCH 45:(1) pp. 7-15. (2013)


Bodor ER, Baranyi V. Palynomorphs of the Normapolles group and related plant mesofossils from the Iharkút vertebrate site, Bakony Mountains (Hungary). CENTRAL EUROPEAN GEOLOGY 55:(3) pp. 259- 292. (2012)


Bodor ER, Barbacka M. Taxonomic implications of Liassic ferns Cladophlebis Brongniart and Todites Seward from Hungary. PALAEOWORLD 17:(3-4) pp. 201-214. (2008)