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Department of Paleontology

The history of the Department of Paleontology stretches back to the middle XIX. century. On november 5, 1867. the University of Budapest suggested the estabilishment of the palaeontologival department. However, we had to wait 15 years for the realization of this idea. On january 9, 1882. the Institute of Paleontology of the University of Budapest was estabilished. The very first head of the department was Miksa Hantken, internationally acknowledged paleontologist, and the founder of the paleontological collection of the department. After the 1893 death of Hantken, the institute was reorganized into the Geo-palaeontological Institute under the lead of Antal Koch. Following the retirement of Koch, the institute was divided, and Imre Lőrenthey became the head of the re-estabilished Institute of Paleontology (1914). After the unfortunate early death of Lőrenthey, it seemed that the days of the institute were counted. For two years it had no leader, after that for a short time Elemér Vadász (1919), and after him Károly Papp (1920-24) became the head of department. In 1924 the Institute of Paleontology, along with six other departments of the university were terminated. Luckily this termination of the institute was only realized only on paper. For about two decades the institute yet again had no leader, but the education and research could go on due to a single remaining instructor position. Lectures were given in this time by Ottokár Kadić, Endre Kutassy, and from 1938 onwards László Bogsch as well.

After the second world war, in 1947 the re-re-estabilishment of the institute began. The head of the institute became Károly Telegdi-Roth. After his death (1955) László Bogsch followed him in the position. During his leadership the Institute of Paleontology became the Department of Paleontology. In the autumn of 1968 the Department moved to the Ludovika square. From 1973, Barnabás Géczy became the head of department. Apart from the internationally acknowledged scientific work of his, he also prepared excellent books in the theme of the lectures of the Department, which are still widely utilized. After his retirement, Miklós Monostori became the leader of the department (1994-2006). During this time the Department moved again to the Lágymányos campus of the ELTE, where it can still be found up to date.

From 2006 onwards András Galácz became the head of the department, followed by Miklós Kázmér in the position.

The current head of the department from september, 2018 is Attila Ősi.


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